Anxiety and Trips to the Dentist

Anxiety and Trips to the Dentist

How is it Possible to Relax?

If going to the dentist makes you nervous — or even start to get sweaty palms — you’re not alone. It turns out that a lot of people have dental phobia, and unfortunately it prevents them from being able to care of their smile and oral health.

At Hawthorne Village Dental Care, we know that anxiety is a very real problem for many families in Milton. If you’re one of them, here are some things to know:

Dental Anxiety is Real…and There’s a Good Reason Why

One bad experience at a dentist’s office is all that it takes to keep a person from ever wanting to go back. It could happen when you’re 5 or 25, but the trauma of tooth pain or an uncompassionate dental provider sticks with you forever.

We encourage families to bring their child in for check-ups early on, so that dental issues can be avoided before your little ones experience pain. If your child’s first trip to the dentist is associated with a severe toothache, or a bleeding, broken tooth…they may link those memories to the dentist for the rest of their lives.  

Sedation Dentistry and a Compassionate Team Can Help

To help you feel less anxious about your appointment, ask us about sedation dentistry. With safe dental sedatives, you can calm your nerves or even feel like you’re taking a light nap through your procedure. The more comfortable you are, the more efficient Dr. Sarna can perform your treatment.

The type of sedation that you need will depend on your level of anxiety, medical history, the type of treatment being completed, and the length of your appointment. Options like laughing gas (nitrous oxide) are a perfect, mild choice. You can even drive yourself home afterward. Oral sedation on the other hand, will leave you sleepy for at least a few hours at a time, and you’ll need someone to drive for you

Tips for Making Your Visit Comfortable:

  • Schedule your appointment early in the morning, that way you’re refreshed and don’t have hours to worry about the upcoming procedure later that day.
  • Let us know about any past experiences that have impacted you, and what you’re expecting out of your visit to help you overcome those fears.
  • Plan on fewer, shorter visits to help you ease back into the dental environment.
  • Decide on a signal, such as raising your left hand, to let us know if you need to take a short rest.
  • Bring your headphones and your favorite playlist, to tune out everything else going on around you.
  • Request sedation and anti-anxiety options, even if it’s just for something “simple.”

Hawthorne Village Dental Care also offers General Anesthesia as an option for those patients who are anxious and possibly for those who are undergoing a long procedure and wish to sleep through it. Dr. Matt Kurrek MD, FRCPC, does general anesthesia for patients at Hawthorne Village Dental Care. Dr. Kurrek teaches anesthesiology at the University of Toronto and is on staff at the Scarborough Hospital.

Our Milton family dentist wants your experience to be positive and comfortable. We’re here to help you smile with confidence! Call Hawthorne Village Dental Care today to schedule your next visit.

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