Why Your Teeth Hurt During Winter & Tips to Prevent It

Are your teeth hurting or feeling more sensitive this winter? We take a look at what causes these common dental issues and effective ways to curb them. Possible reasons your teeth hurt during the cold season Uneven contraction of teeth layers During the winter, the cold air getting into your mouth causes the different layers of your teeth to contract. In most cases, the speed at which the inner dentin and the outer enamel contracts varies thereby stressing your teeth. This can result in increased sensitivity and discomfort. Teeth grinding [...]

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Early Detection of Oral Cancer

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, an estimated 4,700 Canadians were diagnosed with oral cancer in 2017. Survival varies with each stage of oral cancer. In general, the earlier the diagnosis and treatment, the higher the chances of surviving the condition. For a long time, dentists heavily relied on visual examinations to identify signs of oral cancer. Most would use only their naked eyes to try and identify suspicious cells and growths. They would then conduct biopsies to determine if any cancer was developing. However, this method has been proved [...]

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Foods That Are Good for Your Oral Health

Everyone knows the old saying, “you are what you eat," but when it comes to your teeth, that is not an accurate representation. For a healthy smile, the new saying should be "your teeth reflect what you eat." Processed foods, simple carbohydrates, fats, and sugars can all play into the increased levels of plaque inside your mouth. The outcome? An increased number of cavities you may have or the presence of gum disease. So what kinds of foods are good for your teeth and gums? Here are a few to [...]

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