Oral Cancer Screening with VELScope

You don’t smoke, don’t drink, and you’ve never had health problems in your life. Why do you need an oral cancer screening? The truth is that oral cancer is a silent, deadly epidemic that kills thousands of people in North America each year. Though tobacco and alcohol use are risk factors, oral cancer can be triggered by seemingly unrelated things such as sun exposure or even by certain viruses, like HPV. Unfortunately, screening for oral cancer isn’t something you can do on your own. Most people aren’t able to tell [...]

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Age-Appropriate Dental Care for Your Kids as They Grow

Everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile and healthy teeth - especially children. You know that dental care is an integral part of your child’s health. Like many other parents, you may be confused about exactly what that includes. Dr. Raju Sarna explains the dental care children need at every stage of their development. Infants Although babies don’t have many teeth, the ones they do have need special care. Gently clean your infant’s teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush after meals. Bring your baby in for a dental exam to ensure [...]

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3D Dental Imaging With the iTero Scanner

Hawthorne Village Dental Care in Milton has invested in the best technology available, to provide the very best care for our patients. When to comes to treatments like same day crowns and Teeth in a Day, there’s an essential element that makes this process possible: the iTero Scanner. What is iTero Scanner? If you’ve ever had an impression made of your teeth, you’re familiar with the gooey trays that are held in place for several minutes and then taken to the lab to create a replica of your mouth. With [...]

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“I Can’t Go to the Dentist; I’m Pregnant!”

For years, expectant mothers have worried (or assumed) that it’s not healthy for a baby if you get dental work done while you’re pregnant. Surprisingly, the opposite may actually be true! Dental Infections and Your Baby’s Health Certain types of dental problems — such as periodontal/gum disease — can significantly increase your risk of preeclampsia and going into labor prematurely. If you’ve noticed symptoms of swollen or bleeding gums, it’s best for expectant women to see a dentist as soon as possible rather than delay care until after they’ve had [...]

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Do I Really Need a Crown?

It’s time for your next dental checkup and you’ve been wanting to talk to Dr. Sarna about that rough, sharp tooth you feel near the back of your mouth. Now that we’ve had a chance to complete an exam and take an X-ray, Dr. Sarna suggests putting a crown on it. “Can’t I just get a filling instead?” you ask. Not necessarily, and here are a few reasons why: You Need A Stable Tooth to Support a Filling Fillings go inside of a tooth, while crowns go around it. In [...]

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