NightLase® Laser Snoring Treatments

NightLase® Laser Snoring Treatments

If you (or your sleep partner) struggle with snoring, you know just how much it can impact other people in the same house. From a roommate sawing logs across the hall to trying to share a bed with a spouse who seems to never sleep soundly, snoring can prevent just about everybody from getting the rest that they need each night to feel productive the next day.

Fortunately, there’s an answer. Hawthorne Village Dental Care now offers NightLase Laser Snoring Treatments right here in our office. It’s safe, effective, and the perfect solution to anyone struggling with chronic snoring.

Laser Snoring Treatments

What should someone expect who is thinking about getting laser snoring treatment?
NightLase® uses a safe, soft tissue laser to treat the effects of snoring and sleep apnea disorders. The non-invasive light technology is gentle enough to perform right here in our practice over the course of three in-office sessions. The results last for up to a year, and you can have touch-up “re-treatments” as necessary, when snoring symptoms start to return.

How Does NightLase Laser Works?

Cold thermal energy is transferred through the NightLase laser into the soft tissue areas that tend to block your upper airway when you lay down to sleep. Relaxing and opening the muscular and soft tissues at the top of your airway prevent them from closing together and blocking (or partially blocking) air flow. Although the NightLase laser pulses are powerful, the process is gentle enough that it can be used in even the most delicate areas inside of the mouth.
NightLase treatments are FDA cleared for managing snoring and performing other types or oral and ENT surgery.

No Removable Oral Appliances

If you’ve ever worn a sleep appliance or snoring aid, you know how cumbersome and unnatural they can feel. Some people find that such tools cause joint pain or changes in tooth positioning. Many people wind up taking their sleep appliances out during the night, because they’re so uncomfortable to wear. Obviously when that happens, they go right back to snoring!
With NightLase® you can rest easy all night long, because the therapy has already taken place. You don’t have to remember to pack a mouthpiece on trips, or buy earplugs for your family.

Why See a Dentist for Snoring Problems?

Snoring often originates around the anatomical structures inside of your mouth, our dentist is one of the best professionals to see for your treatment! At Hawthorne Village Dental Care, our dentists have extra training in soft tissue laser therapy and snoring therapy. NightLase® isn’t right for everyone, but individuals who fit certain criteria for snoring, can see dramatic improvements in sleep quality following their treatment.

Don’t wait another day; snoring relief is right around the corner! If you have any questions, would like more information or to book a consultation, please call Hawthorne Village Dental Care at 905-864-3368.

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